Development of ionizing radiation detectors (X and gamma rays) based on organic semiconductor thin films. The integrated system consists of a light and flexible 2D array of radiation sensors, with dedicated reading electronics.

Applications include real-time control in order to reduce the risk associated with radiotherapy and nuclear medicine treatments and the beam monitor for X-ray tubes used in the medical field.


FORTRESS aims to implement an innovative type of thin, flexible, low-cost, and real-time response radiation detectors, currently not available on the market.

The manufacturing processes of the devices, based on materials (organic perovskites) that are solution deposited on flexible low temperature substrates, guarantee the low cost and the potential scalability of this roll-to-roll technology.

The low cost and conformability make these detectors optimal disposable medical devices. Thanks also to the use of low environmental impact material, the sustainability of production is guaranteed.



The goal of FORTRESS is the development of two demonstration prototypes, in other words two integrated systems for the dosimetric detection of ionizing radiation (X and Gamma rays) in real time.

The prototypes are two different types of patches applicable on the skin or in the oral cavity, composed of a light and flexible 2D matrix of pixels (direct ionizing radiation sensors) which require a low supply voltage (<5V) and which will be equipped with dedicated and user-friendly reading electronics. The two foreseen applications (SAFEINJECT demo and DENTALGUARD demo) will be developed, manufactured and certified under operating conditions (tests on anthropomorphic phantoms in hospital conditions).

The demonstration prototypes (TRL5 / 6) will be developed using industrially scalable manufacturing techniques and, after the end of the project, they can therefore be transformed into industrial prototypes (TRL7 / 8) produced on a large scale and marketed by the companies involved (TRL9).

It is expected to file two patents, in agreement with the companies involved:




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INFN TTLab (INFN Technology Transfer Laboratory in Emilia Romagna) is the industrial research laboratory of Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics in Emilia Romagna. It aims to translate INFN research results and know-how into applications to innovate the industrial sector research of Emilia Romagna.

INFN research and physics experiments requires the development of very advanced technologies. These technologies have high social utility and impact: hadrotherapy and medical diagnostic equipment, cultural heritage, cloud computing and IoT, radioisotope production for the pharmaceutical industry, ionizing radiation detectors and much more.

The INFN TTLab structure is distributed over the regional territory and collects research topic and skills from researchers and technologist located the Emilia-Romagna INFN offices. INFN TTLab has its own technological and instrumental asset. Moreover, INFN TTLab take advantage from facilities located in INFN sites and Laboratory, widening the research potential and achieving an effective balance between centralized and decentralized management.

The laboratory is structured in three operating departments: the Systems, Devices and Nanotechnologies Department, the ICT Department and the Mechatronics and Electronics Department.


Mister Smart Innovation is an industrial research and technological development consortium active since 2009. We are a public-private company, with CNR as majority shareholder.

The institutional members also include the University of Ferrare and the University of Parma, while for the private part we have with us some large companies in the area, mainly in the mechanical (Sacmi) and biomedical (Medica Group) sectors.

The headquarters is in the CNR Bologna Technopole, for which Mister is delegated to manage a modern structure located within the CNR Research Area of Bologna.

Mister’s team has solid know-how in various technical areas.


CIRI MAM is the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research of the University of Bologna which operates in the areas of Advanced Mechanics and Innovative Materials.

CIRI MAM covers a wide range of skills, ranging from automation to machine mechanics, from production technologies to materials, from boating to toxicology.

The CIRI-MAM group of researchers involved in the FORTRESS project has a consolidated experience in the study of organic and hybrid semiconductor materials for the development of innovative flexible radiation detectors.


Azienda USL – IRCCS di Reggio Emilia consists of an hospital’s network (composed by 6 hospitals), as well as of 6 districts and 4 provincial territorial departments (primary care, pharmaceutical, public health, mental health & pathological dependencies). It is one of the most computerized healthcare organisation (himss analytics stage 6 EMRAM) in Italy, is full paperless (electronic medical records, e-prescription, …),  it is equipped with structured clinical data repositories and big-data analysis-ready systems (Hadoop enabled, …), it has a unique RIS/PAC system for radiological and non-radiological imaging, is equipped with laboratorories (pathology, molecolar biology, etc.) and a high level of technological equipment, owns a tissue biobank, services of oncology (chemotherapy and patient follow-up), radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, radiology, can count on all the principal clinical specialties, a colorectal and breast screening program, a provincial cancer registry.



Comecer, an ATS company, is a developer and manufacturer of high-tech systems in the field of Aseptic Processing and Containment for Pharmaceutical Industries. It operates in the Radiopharmaceutical sector through the production of shielding systems and equipment for special applications, both for large industrial groups and for research institutions. Comecer designs and builds systems and equipment for the safe treatment of radioactive substances used in Nuclear Medicine, guaranteeing minimum exposure to the operator, total decontamination and inalterability in any working condition. In particular, Comecer excels in the field of radiochemistry where, on behalf of large industrial groups or research institutes, it manufactures shielding systems for special applications.  Comecer products, such as shielded hot cells, synthesis and dispensing isolators, solid target systems and radiopharma injectors, are used in the most advanced and prestigious research centres, universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Skanray is a leading international healthcare technology company specializing in High Frequency X-Ray Imaging Systems, Critical Care, Dental Care, Primary Healthcare & Telemedicine devices. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities spread across two continents and a large portfolio of medical devices, Skanray provides Total Healthcare Solutions to hospitals and clinics by bringing in the best of design and technology from across the globe.


Leading company in the sector from the production of adhesive medical devices for Hospital, Pharmacy and Large Distribution.

All the activities of the production cycle, research and development, design, production, marketing and logistics are carried out in Italy, in the production site of about 8,000 square meters at Lippo di Calderara di Reno (Bologna).

In addition to the Private Label service – which includes among the leading international customers in the sector and which represents the core business – a complete line of branded dressings is offered to meet the needs of distributors and wholesalers.


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